Clinical Supervision Evaluation Questionnaire (CSEQ)

Clinical Supervision Evaluation Questionnaire (CSEQ)
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Thank you for your interest in the Clinical Supervision Evaluation Questionnaire (CSEQ). You can download the questionnaire from this site.

The CSEQ was developed by Dr Simon Horton, Dr Maria de Lourdes Drachler, Alison Fuller and Dr Jose Carlos de Carvalho Leite. It consists of a questionnaire and scoresheet that are to be used in tandem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives licence.

You are welcome to download the CSEQ and scoresheet and use them freely under the terms of this licence. We would appreciate you agreeing to provide feedback on the use of the form, to allow us to monitor the impact of the work in the field. If you download the form to review it and then decide to use it, we would appreciate hearing about that too, by revisiting this site and completing the questions again.

If you have any difficulties downloading CSEQ please contact

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